What we do

With over eleven million people buying online twice a week or more, how does your marketing stand up? As a compelling journey from awareness to action, via key touch-points along the way? It’s a journey we can help you create and deliver with the right messages, delivered through the right medium, at just the right time. To keep building and delivering productive traffic takes all the key disciplines – and then some.

Integrated marketing acknowledges a simple truth – that the sum of the parts is often greater than the whole. Curve creates all kinds of marketing for all kinds of clients – all designed to fit together beautifully. We put the best of online and off-line together to deliver more powerful results all round.

Brand Development

A brand is the distillation of its values which ultimately will steer and power the identity. It will also establish the behavior of the company, its ethos even down to how the telephone is answered.



From creating a ‘tone of voice’, to researching and writing relevant content for Social Media and web, our copywriters will write persuasive and concise copy to engage your audience.


Email marketing

From planning an email strategy, to segmenting your data, Curve can deliver emails that are mobile responsive and that deliver high open and click through rates to ensure maximum ROI.


Film and Video

With the emergence of Social Media as a key marketing channel, video and animation has never been more important in conveying your messages and engaging with your audience.


Offline communication

An integrated marketing strategy delivers a consistent and effective marketing platform. We can concept, plan and deliver any offline communications from brochures to exhibition stands.


Paid search and Display

Paid search and display advertising are important in driving traffic to your website and landing pages. We can help you deliver effective campaigns that will deliver qualified traffic.


Website SEO

The higher ranked your web page is on a search engine result page the more visitors you will get to your site. Simple? Well with one of our SEO packages we can help you achieve this.


Social Media Marketing

See how social media working with your wider marketing strategy can benefit your business by driving targeted traffic, spreading awareness of your brand and engaging with your customers.


Website design

Until your fulfillment channel (i.e. your website) has the right customer journeys and calls to action, we won’t even propose any marketing activities as they would simply be a waste of budget.