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We often get asked by our clients to produce an email communications strategy in order to engage with their target audiences – this is all well and good, however when it comes to their data we so often find that it is lacking in many ways. Very often the database is completely out of date or has missing data, the email address has simple errors such as too many full stops; and the ultimate faux-pas, the contact names do not marry up to the corresponding email address.


It is true that data for most people is not the sexiest of things and it often gets overshadowed by ‘more important’ jobs, but creating a clean contact database should be the number one priority when engaging with your prospects and customers. If a contact database has not been used or updated for the best part of a year then you do need to check the validity of the email addresses, that all the data is present and indeed current, and fill in the gaps in data using the various data resources in the market.


It is not enough to have a beautiful email design and compelling copy if it isn’t relevant to the person receiving the email. Therefore creating a data strategy should be high on the list of priorities when considering email.


Firstly look at how you can monetise your customer database and set out pragmatic business goals. Gain a deeper insight into your customers’ buying attitudes, look for hidden cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, segment your customers, and target specific groups with personalised and strategic marketing messages.


Remember, not only is a relevant marketing message a highly effective sales tool, it is also increases customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. At the same time, you can reduce costs by avoiding ineffective marketing which in turn will lead to higher conversion rates overall.


To summarise, complete and accurate customer and prospect data is a requirement for successful sales, marketing and business development activities. It can deliver a range of business benefits such as improved response rates, preserve brand image and maximise customer relationships.

NFL training camp

Refuge and the NFL are working together to promote equality and respect within relationships, to help bring an end to domestic violence and abuse. Curve worked with Refuge and NFL to create a website aimed at the young adults that attended the NFL training camps that were run in the UK during the Summer of 2015.   High profile NFL Football players such as Thomas Davis, attended the camps and provided on-field training and tips to the budding young players.

A video was created of the weekend both on the field and also in the classroom sessions that Refuge ran.  The purpose of the classroom sessions and the accompanying website was to raise awareness and educate the players to recognise the signs of domestic violence and abuse and to help them do their part in putting an end to it. You can see the website and video of the weekend here.



Film and video can be used in many different ways to convey your products and services to your customers. However, it can also be a way to communicate and engage with your own employees.

It’s your employees who can give you the competitive edge; if they believe and live the brand then they will be your biggest advocates and you will reap the reward of their loyalty and belief in the company. So film content meant for internal use should not just be limited to training videos but be seen as a way of sharing and involving your staff in the success of the business.

Comma Lubricants recently engaged Curve to create a 4-minute film showing what they had achieved as a business during 2015. The film included all areas of the business, from the innovative research development and testing carried out in their laboratories to the factory production line, global distribution, customer service and back-office support. It reported on the successes in areas such as new business wins, partnerships, sponsorships and global awards.

It highlighted Comma as a global brand to be proud of and that the employees were integral to its success during the year and looking forward into 2016. The film was shown at the annual Comma employee conference in London to the backdrop of music from Take That.



Last year we at Curve Interactive decided it would be a good idea to offer free digital marketing advice to local businesses every day for 30 days in what we coined our #30DayChallenge.

The local community of Tunbridge Wells seemed to think it was a good idea too with over 15 businesses signing-up for free marketing advice. Come the end of our last #30DayChallenge we had offered bespoke advice on everything from Email Marketing to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Due to the huge success of last years advice this March we are going to be rolling out the same offer with a particular focus on Search Engine Optimisation. SEO is the art of improving the position of a website in the search engine results pages with the aim to increase website traffic and bottom line sales.

Did you know over 70% of people use the internet when they are looking to buy a product locally?

Making sure your business ranks on the first page of Google is vital for the continued success of your business. Do you know anyone who still uses the Yellow Pages?

We want to help every business in Tunbridge Wells learn the basics of SEO and understand the importance it can play in the growth of your business.

At Curve Interactive we always seeks to over-deliver and provide real value. If you would like us to visit your business get in contact with us today via twitter:@curveinteractiv, email: or phone; 01892 549556


How great email marketing can grow your business

The growth of social media in recent years has led many people to believe that email marketing is in decline. However, this cannot be further from the truth; you just need to check your inbox to see that email is still thriving and as effective as ever.

Email marketing provides the most direct line of communication between you and your customers. It has the ability to increase conversions, build relationships and keep your business in mind when potential customers reach ‘purchase mode’.

Have a look at our infograhic below for best practice tips on designing and building and email.

email infograhic




We are into day 3 of our challenge and so far have supplied 4 businesses in Tunbridge Wells with detailed reports on how they can increase the amount of sales they are making online. However, our advice to them has not stopped! We will be going through the reports with each of these businesses in person, showing them exactly how they can implement the recommendations so they can continue to grow their business’, increase brand awareness and make more sales.

If you would like us to help you too please ring us today 01892 549556 or email

We look forward to hearing from you!


Since the start of the year we have gone ‘live’ with two new websites for Fisher Leisure and have a third in the pipeline which is likely to be finished in the next two weeks.

We are extremely happy with the end result of each of the new websites, each of which have been designed for Fisher’s 3 new in-house cycling brands.



Hi everyone!

Today marks the 20th day of our #30daychallenge to help every business in Tunbridge Wells with their digital marketing strategies. We have attended several networking events in TW in the last few weeks and have met some lovely business owners and employees!

We have been lucky enough to supply several of these businesses with free advice and tuition to help their businesses flourish online.

If you are interested in our help don’t hesitate in taking advantage of this limited offer.

Ring or email us today and schedule a meeting; 01892 549556, graham@curve-interactive.

See you soon!



Search engine optimisation in Tunbridge Wells

Looking back over the first 8 days of our #30DayChallenge to help every local business in Tunbridge Wells with their digital marketing strategy we have found a great deal about what local firms want. The issue most businesses are facing is the poor performance of their websites in the search engine results pages. The business owners we have been talking with want to be ranking for local keywords e.g. “bar in Tunbridge Wells”.

How does your website fair? Do you rank on the first page?

Luckily we specialise in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)! We have been able to provide detailed SEO reports highlighting areas of improvement that will no doubt increase the performance of their websites, leading to more traffic, more sales and increased brand awareness.

If you are interested at all in us helping improve your business’ digital marketing strategy please contact us today, we are more than willing to help!

Our phone number is 01892 549556, if you’d prefer to email send me a quick message at

Have a great day!



Free marketing advice continues in Tunbridge Wells

As we draw close to the end of day 8 of our marketing challenge the number of business’s we have been helping has sky rocketed! We are now averaging 4 free website, search engine optimisation and social media reports every day! Barely giving us time to write our blog!

Our free advice has helped local charities, bars, fashion boutiques, restaurants, hotels – the lot! If you would like some free advice too why not call us on 01892 549556, or alternatively email

Thanks for reading and speak to you soon!