About us

We are named for our attitude, not for our shape.

Everyone at Curve brings a refreshingly tangential approach to your marketing challenges. We develop relationships based on trust in our abilities, and provide strategic input to help map your overall direction. We believe in teamwork too – with the most important member of every team being you. Small, focused teams for simple projects like email marketing, microsites and social networking. More extensive multi-disciplinary teams for major web design, development and e-commerce programmes and campaigns. Our teams feature talents ranging from best-in-class creatives to highly focused technical developers – all under the watchful eye of our attentive, detail-oriented account managers.

Graham Stevens


Graham founded and continues to manage Curve, dedicated to maintaining its high standard of work.

His high profile experience and knowledge ensures that all Curve’s customers get powerful and successful campaigns.

Graham also runs a motorcycling club, managing tours to Europe, invariably visiting some of its vineyards.

Dave Wilson


Having worked on many high profile consumer facing brands, Dave’s talent drives our whole creative and branding output.

His ability and proven track record are all based on the fact that any creative campaign should be based on a “big idea”.

When not creating campaigns, Dave is creating toe-tapping rhythms on his drums.

Rikard Svendsen


Rikard gives Curve its strategic digital ability.

Rikard not only understands how brands work, but also how it can be brought to life over any digital medium. His eye for detail and his individual approach of achieving perfection has provided many of Curve’s clients with refreshing and memorable digital campaigns.


Caroline Webb


With the ever-increasing awareness of social media, Caroline has the insight, focus, and proven experience to create awareness of brands across all social media channels.

Caroline‘s secret fantasy is to roller-skate through The Pantiles eating an ice cream.
We hope she’ll be sharing this event across social media!


John Woodrow


John is our data strategist. He has been spanning the void between business and IT for over twenty years and is fluent in both languages.

He has experience within the Telco, Financial Services and Retail industries working with such names as O2, Deutsche Bank and Adidas.

John has a love of classic cars and surfing.


John Hendley


Specialising in email marketing, John has over 15 years online professional services experience working with internet & technology start-ups, major brands and SMEs. John also has a strong background in delivering a full range of digital services to the conference industry including developing event websites, event promotion & update email marketing, presentation audio editing and podcasting.

Kate Sharma


Kate is a writer and editor with more than 14 years’ experience, writing everything from feature articles and direct mail campaigns to website copy and e-mail blasts. She’s worked with a range of industries including international development agencies, think tanks, property investment companies and translation firms, and has even had articles published in the Guardian and Independent.

Brian McGrath


His digital skills include deploying HTML5, CSS, Flash, PHP and MySQL, as well as Word Press, Drupal and mobile apps.

Digital production specialists like Brian are able to deliver complex procedures with maximum efficiency.

Brian has two lovely twin daughters that take up all his time when he is not knee deep in coding for Curve.

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